James Bradshaw Goldsmith

James Bradshaw Contemporary Goldsmith Jewellry Design Studio Homepage

James Bradshaw is a Halifax, Canada based contemporary Goldsmith and Designer. Focusing on handmade one of a kind pieces with ideal cut stones. 

Handmade Contemporary Design 


James Bradshaw Goldsmith Jewelry Design Studio is located in the heart of Halifax. We practice clean modern design and mindful creations to fit your style and budget all while using the highest quality materials.


Your piece is our passion and our creative design is brought to life through 40 years of experience and knowledge that will fit each client. Our pieces are designed to look and feel like that of the human body, fitting precisely, having a natural beauty and balance, and an a-symmetrical style.

We handcraft everything in store, from design collaboration, wax model, approved to finished piece. Each piece is an experience made for you.